Blind Reaction: Teen Titans S01E02-05

TheFlamingShark 161 days ago, 6215 views
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diegoxwx1238 - 155 days ago
lol xd 0.22.04
womanrespecter - 160 days ago
GGNORE fuck you
TheAllSeeingEye - 160 days ago
for me i dont consider ep 3 the pilot. for me "final exam" will always be the pilot and "divide and conquer" will always be ep 3 because in my head since final exam is the first appearance of slade despite what the order says
GGNORE - 160 days ago
azarath metrion zinthos
nightstar - 160 days ago
GGNORE, shut the fuck up.
GGNORE - 160 days ago
You also say a lot of ignorant things
TheAllSeeingEye - 160 days ago
rule of thumb when watching this show is to forget everything you know about the characters. most if not all of there backstories are somewhat changed
GGNORE - 160 days ago
You are overreacting