Blind Reaction: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien S02E06-10

TheFlamingShark 173 days ago, 4094 views
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XDemon - 164 days ago
One of the best western shows of all time.
Pokemon4life - 164 days ago
CounCivil - 165 days ago
Opossum lowers their heart rate as well, in case you didn't know.
I'm surprised the Forever Knights made their armor out of an alloy that's magnetic. That's definitely a tactical oof on their part.
I don't like that Michael Morningstar is a mutant human. They should have made him half anodite and half something that like reverse or counteracts the mana. That way he would always have to keep draining things for life force. Now that I had this idea, I'm actually mad they didn't do this.