Overwatch Most Toxic Team EVER! - Explicit Language

Mog 761 days ago, 1520 views
This is how not to win in competitive Overwatch. This was a terrible team. One guy wouldn't switch off Hanzo and the rest of the team went nuts over it. Check me out at: Mogplays.com Like me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Mogsgames/ Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/mog_plays
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KidsPlay - 757 days ago
Thank you for understanding Mog! I did email Breach about the Like/Dislike feature and not being able to fix accidental clicks and they got back to me that they put in a fix for a problem. So it seems the Dislike is still there but the added Like is me. :) And yes it is definitely great to show how people should not act even when frustrated when playing a game! A lot of kids play games online now since games require it and some of the behavior of players on these games is outrageous whether they're adults or other kids. You can still have fun while being respectful even if you're frustrated!
Mog - 760 days ago
It's ok kidsPlay. Stuff happens. I don't usually post videos with bad language, but I felt like people should see how not to act. Thank you for the support!
KidsPlay - 760 days ago
I am so sorry for the Thumbs Down! I clicked wrong. And it won't let me change. You keep doing what you're doing. It was an accident and I apologize. I try to support most videos on here.