[Archive] Experiment - Would Lolita Remember Her Family?

MamaBeluga 770 days ago, 1395 views
Lolita is the oldest and only surviving member of the Southern Resident orcas caught for display purposes. She's currently about 5 years ago. A while ago Miami Seaquarium allowed scientists to experiement to see if she would recognize the calls of her wild pod in the waters of Washington State (the opposite side of the country from where she's being houses in southern Florida) and she responded. Unfortunately this did not push the Miami Seaquarium into retiring her however in recent years like her wild family she has been included on the Endangered Species List. Here's more what you can do to help Lolita other than NOT BUYING A TICKET to the Miami Seaquarium - http://www.orcanetwork.org/Main/index.php?categories_file=Lolita
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