ADLER'S WATCH - Check out this AMAZING Comic Series!

Kyatto 1014 days ago, 2006 views
Are you a fan of media with themes of super heroes, horror, and mystery, with some humor sprinkled on top? Then you’ll love Adler’s Watch! It's 1891 and Anthony Adler is on the run from the law. He's transported through time after retrieving a family heirloom; a magical copper pocketwatch. Somehow now able to defy death, he's revived in the year 2011. Adler is found by two women who run their own paranormal investigation business, Sammy and Marie. Together they fight cryptids that were mysteriously also brought to this time when the pocketwatch was opened, and uncover dark secrets. Adler's Watch is a full-color paranormal webcomic by Anna Maria Bryant that was initially launched in August 2011, and re-launched as an indie comic in August 2016. Older issues are available for free on but new more high quality issues are coming to Comixology and in print. This is where you come in! Are you a fan of this genre? Are you a supporter of female artists and writers? Have you read through the older pages and want more? This series can’t continue in the excellent quality it has been without your help. For as little as $1 a month you can support Adler’s Watch on Patreon. By supporting on Patreon you get sneak peaks at pages as they’re written and drawn and involved in the creative process. Patrons who donate higher amounts can watch live streams of the pages being drawn and colored, and interact directly with the writer and artist. If you’ve been looking for something new to get hooked on and be part of come support Adler’s Watch by Anna Maria Bryant today!
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