Is Reylo the New Zutara?! Re-Imagining The Magic: #11 Thoughts on Disney's Star Wars

ReImagineTM 463 days ago, 4221 views
Welcome to 2018! Slight change to format, but Katie and Julie are back and this time with their thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars fandom, "shipping", and fandom attitudes in general. Was Obi Wan Kenobi an alcoholic? Did you watch Avatar: the Last Airbender and get flashbacks to certain scenes when you saw Rey and Kylo Ren interact? Did you find parts of the movie useless? You don't want to miss this ep!! Re-Imagining the Magic is a podcast sponsored by Breach! Your new home for entertainment, music, movies, and more! Check it out at http://www.Breach.TV Follow Us Facebook: Twitter: Stitcher Radio: RSS Audio:
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