Blind Reaction: The Owl House S01E01

TheFlamingShark 83 days ago, 0 views
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MisterTaco - 68 days ago
Nice ;D
dhmn45 - 81 days ago
didn't you notice something on king's voice ? doesn't it sound familiar?
be_gay_do_crime - 81 days ago
Ah yes The Owl House - creepy and beautiful (also gay) baby of Dana Terrace and her boyfriend Alex Hirch (yup him) and it's just everything you think it is and a little bit more. Alex voices King (you can actually hear Bill Cypher) and like half of the side characters. And, man get ready for some stunning animation.
diegoxwx1238 - 82 days ago
Nice i love this show
TheAllSeeingEye - 82 days ago
you are gonna love this show