Blind Reaction: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Time Part 1 Episode 1

TheFlamingShark 242 days ago, 0 views
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MrToast - 236 days ago
Part 1 is a bit slower than the rest of the series (it's still pretty good tho lol) but TRUST me it gets great from Part 2 onwards (don't get me started on parts 3-5 and the Manga heh)
MrToast - 236 days ago
When I saw the JoJo's playlist on the channel only having a "10 hours of silence" video I screamed xD, thank's for not being a troll Shark
BitTripBoy - 239 days ago
My god, after years and years of waiting... FINALLY!!!
psz1987 - 241 days ago
I wanted to watch JoJo for some time now. Mind aswell watch it here with Shark.
Hamzinni - 241 days ago
Y'know, thinking back to all the JoJo's references he's been making in his other reaction series like Ok K.O. and, oh y'know, his promise to finish HxH before 2021, which he has done. (What an absolute fckn madlad) That technically also implied that he'd start JJBA in early 2021. And even after considering this, I still can't believe this is actually happening. Nevertheless, I am absolutely ecstatic for Shark to witness the fckn gem that is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. That, and him just jizzing in his pants over all the flamboyance (aka, Big D energy) that this bizarre franchise emanates.