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When I played the original upload I noticed the audio was messed up. So I deleted that one and created a new file and uploaded it to the system. Enjoy this copy.

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old_mouse - 1324 days ago
I'm back at it again. I had trouble trying to get my Mac to accept video from my camera. As it turns out Apple decided to stop support video tape based cameras. I found my old Moviebox DV. With it I could control the camera there was no data being collected by iMovie. So I tried several different softwares but MacX Video Converter did the job almost as easy as iMovie. So every time I get a couple of free hours I'll be loading a video tape.
old_mouse - 1334 days ago
TrendingByLola and KidsPlay thank you for the kind words. Rest assured there will be more. I have another couple of hours from Japan to work on and a couple of hours of one show tape from Florida in 1993 to work on. There is a lot more behind that like anything else family and work permitting.
KidsPlay - 1335 days ago
Congratulations on your older videos getting a lot of traffic! I bet the memories and nostalgia are bringing many people all over the world a lot of joy! You're doing a great job, keep spreading the Disney Magic!
TrendingByLola - 1335 days ago
Yo your videos take me back to my childhood! I went to the one in California when I was 7 and in Florida when I was 12. So much fun! Can't believe how many times you went and all where you been at! You're bad ass bro!
old_mouse - 1361 days ago
That was from my trip to Disneyland Paris in June 1996.
KidsPlay - 1361 days ago
Is that Toy Story Parade in France? Where did you get that clip from? It's very cool! Disney's international reach makes it one of the best in family entertainment.
old_mouse - 1368 days ago
There will be more. I just need the time to load video tapes and break out worthy content.
KidsPlay - 1369 days ago
Disney is the perfect place for a family vacation and all their events are kid-friendly! Thank you for putting up your amazing work so children all over the world can enjoy Disney Park performances!