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  650 views · 2033 days ago

I just recorded a basic makeup tutorial for those with dark skin and am uploading it soon. O used what I had on me. My own makeup, my computer webcam that shoots in HD but I found only 720 same as my phone. Used built in mic to record audio as well. Edited in IMovie.

Lemme know what you think when I put it up yall! It's still not that fancy or as nice as m tryna get it but a bit better than what I had on my tiny Youtube. Just so you Breach peeps can see what I'm workin with and dealin with.

Still savin' cash for a betta setup! Betta believe it!

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TrendingByLola - 2044 days ago
Hey Breachers!

I'm trying to find a lot of diverse trends to share with you. Makeup, fashion, hair, nails and not just for girls but men as well. Slaying knows no gender! Every video I share I link to the artist or stylist so please check them out and see more of their work because if you are looking to change up your style or keep up with current trends that's how you do it.But always you do you and what makes you comfortable and happy and feeling fabulous! And until I hit my dolla goal to go buy some equipment I'll keep sharing my fav trendsetters and tutorials with you so be sure to read every video description.

Keep slaying!

TrendingByLola - 2049 days ago
Give me ideas about what trends you wanna see! I bet I can I can find it! Hope to make my own tutorials for you soon!

Really like this so far! Everyone is much nicer!