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Hey guys,

So I've been MIA for months. I know you've missed me. I'm working on a video now to talk about where I've been and what I've been up to. Things have been up and down, but I'm in a really good place now. I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to seeing you soon!



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188 days ago
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1526 days ago
Pokemon Go Mewtwo Guide
1536 days ago
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Mog - 2041 days ago
Thanks Lola! I have no choice but to slay the bald look :) I appreciate your kind words and I think you are rocking on here too. I'm glad you found Breach!
TrendingByLola - 2042 days ago
I'm not really a gamer gurl but I gotta say your Henry videos are off the chain pure hilarious. Especially your Henry VS Trump series I was CRYING LAUGHING! Surprised you didn't get a response as he seems to respond to the most random people on Twitter! You're really funny and creative!

And keep slaying with the bald look. Ain't no shame in it! Always rock what you got! Maybe get a custom baseball cap and beanie with your brand name on it to wear in some videos for extra publicity. Trendy and helpful! Thanks for watching my uploads even though they're not your demo group that's very nice of you! I am loving the community on here!
TrendingByLola - 2047 days ago
Since I couldn't reply directly to your comment on my first video I'll reply on your wall. Please read my blog posts they explain about how I'm uploading on here right now. I'm flattered that you enjoyed that particular video tho it doesn't apply to you and you liked it but I can't take credit for anything other than sharing it. If you read the description tags I link to the artist who is goals to me as well as the company who produced it. I'm just sharing what is trendy and tips I agree with especially for POC. I have made my own tutorials but because I don't have a lot of money or resources I can't afford to make the flashy videos that get attention. Part of why I left Youtube and that Beauty community. My tutorials were all dark webcam videos with bad light and sound and would look worse on here. One day when I have money I will have a fabulous setup to slay with my own HD tutorials on here!

Thanks tho! Check out the sources in the vids! and keep slaying with your channel!
Mog - 2047 days ago
Thank you Kitti. I have more coming :)
Mog - 2068 days ago
Hey everybody. I'm Mog and I play games. I also report gaming news, review games and make comedy Skits with my alter ego, Henry. I make a video pretty much every day and I enjoy it very much. Take a look through my videos and consider subscribing if you like what you see :)
KidsPlay - 2073 days ago
Great first video! Hope to see more! Video games and video game news are so in with kids and they love reviews and knowing what's currently the big thing in the world of gaming. Keep at it! This is a wonderful video service!