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Breach ---

Recently I uploaded a video memorial tribute in dedication to a whale named Grany (scientific ID designation - J2 ). She was the matriarch of the Southern Residents, leader of JPod, and assumed to have been in her 90s at least if not in her 100s when she passed away.

Please watch and share this tribute and honor the legacy of Granny! Look up The Southern Resident Killer Whales on Google for ways you can help this endangered population. As I'm sure you know by now SeaWorld is not the way to go to help wild orca populations!

I also uploaded an archive of Orca Expert Marine Mammal scientist Dr. Naomi Rose's TEDx Talk on Orcas and their social lives and how it affects their lives in captivity. I highly recommend you watch and share it as well!

I'll keep uploading what I can when I can though it may not always be whales/dolphins as I have some cute and funny pets too!

Thanks for checking me out and supporting the oceans!

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MamaBeluga - 1541 days ago
That's great to hear, Lola! I'm glad my videos inspired you! A great place to go whale watching for killer whales is up in Washington State in the San Juan Islands and off the coast of California during certain times of the year. Other kinds of whales can be seen along the pacific coast depending on season as well. It's such a great blessing to get to witness these incredible animals in the wild - it's nothing like you ever experience elsewhere!
TrendingByLola - 1542 days ago
It's inspiring how much passion you put into what you post on here and spreading awareness for specific animals. I'm not normally a nature gurl but I've watched some and you've really changed my mind! I'll never go to a SeaWorld or a place like it and will try to go whale watching this summer! Thank you sooooooo much!
MamaBeluga - 1547 days ago
Added a tribute to J2 Granny. Please note the photos and video are not mine the presentation was by Jeanne Hyde at a tribute ceremony. I just turned it into a 1080p HD video and added a mood music soundtrack on here to share it with a larger audience to honor Granny. Please watch the video - Jeanne provided great history about the whale and the community as a whole. It's important to honor and spread awareness of wild whales as much as captive ones. Link to Jeanne's blog and work is in the video description - definitely go through it! Thank you!
KidsPlay - 1575 days ago
Thank you for all that you do to gain people's attention for the plight of whales and the environment. With most of your videos family friendly on top of that! Great channel. Can't wait to see more!