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  710 views · 2035 days ago

I know I mostly just upload fandom video edits/AMVs on here but I decided to add to it and mix it up by also uploading old videos of cosplay. When I was actively cosplaying and going to cons with friends I'd record our skits or just general goofing off. I have video recorded as far back as 2006/2007 on an HD camcorder I used to lug around to cons all the way to stuff in 2010. (After 2010 I had to stop doing video at conventions for various reasons.) From 2006 - 2010 I used a camcorder, a Flip (remember that?), an HTC Evo Smartphone - just goes to show how fast video recording technology evolved over the years! From some heavy thing I had to lug around to something that fits in a pocket!

I hope you like it and I hope it inspires other cosplayers to join Breach and share their stuff on here!

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Kyatto - 2035 days ago
I've decided along with my Fanvids/AMVs I'll upload old cosplay videos too. Videos I took of my friends and cosplay group doing skits and just goofing off. This is all stuff from 2006-2010. Some recorded on an old HD camcorder, some on a Flip HD video camera (remember that?), some on an older smartphone. Just to show how far we've come in video recording technology! (And yes I did use to lug a camcorder to cons to record cosplay shenanigans. That's what we had back then!)
TrendingByLola - 2042 days ago
The only thing you posted I seen is the Deadpool movie, Suicide Squad and a lil bit of Supernatural. Youre soooo talented at editing and have fab taste in music! Keep slaying on here with your skills!
Kyatto - 2047 days ago
So far all my uploads have been old stuff but I'm inspired to do new edits. Especially Supernatural! What do you want to see?
KidsPlay - 2076 days ago
Great work! We appreciate the talent in the video edits but with they were more family friendly. However your Steven Universe clips are great! Keep up the good work! You have talent! Please consider uploading more kid friendly content in the future to attract bigger audiences.
Kyatto - 2111 days ago
BreachRicko - 2155 days ago
Kyatto - 2156 days ago