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Yes KidsPlay has been actively sharing content on Breach. Currently we are taking pause to estimate the metrics of this platform and its performance. We apologize for any confusion.

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KidsPlay - 1999 days ago
KidsPlayhas 100 family friendly fun videos on Breach TV! Let us know what you are excited for!
KidsPlay - 2035 days ago
March is Women's History Month among other great celebrations plus the start of spring! KidsPlay will be promoting family-friendly media for kids of all age demographics (preschool to teen and the young at heart) that features women in the spotlight along with other springtime fun!
KidsPlay - 2042 days ago
That is very sweet of you Lola! Yes even though I'm putting up professional content I still enjoy being part of the Breach community and interacting with everyone. I've communicated with the user Old Mouse who uploads the Disney vacation videos and they are quite pleasant and share very high quality memories I'm certain make a lot of people happy.
TrendingByLola - 2042 days ago
It's great to see someone putting kid content online that's not super corporate or condescending. You're very professional and sweet and polite! Even though you're clearly just doing a job you're also working to be part of a community on here and that's cool of you to do. You're a wavemaker for sure!
KidsPlay - 2062 days ago
It's February and that means in the US it's time to celebrate Black History Month! So along with the usual KidsPlay clips we will incorporate clips from family-friendly media featuring starring characters of color to continue to help inspire children all over the world!
KidsPlay - 2066 days ago
We have been adding more clips and content to our collection here on Breach TV! The variety of clips and content will slowly become more diverse as we get clips to put up from multiple companies to share so kids from all over may enjoy their favorite characters and songs on the computer or on the go. We also will be adding gameplay trailers for children's mobile games by KidsPlay's partners. Thank you and please Subscribe!
KidsPlay - 2069 days ago
We have some new clips up from Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nick! Please tell us what you think and what you want to see more of! Thank you Breach for featuring the Moana clip! It's a beautiful movie that's fun for the whole family and kids of all ages. Here at KidsPlay we put kids first and strive to make accessing friendly entertainment for them easier for parents.
KidsPlay - 2074 days ago
We put up a few more clips for the weekend featuring some family favorites and classics! Feel free to tell us what you' would like to see on here! Please subscribe!
KidsPlay - 2076 days ago
More fun clips and music compilations coming soon! Please message or post on here what kinds of kids content you and your family would like to see on this channel! Please subscribe!
KidsPlay - 2077 days ago
Thank you for looking at this channel! It features nothing but high quality entertainment for children and families! Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe!