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  537 views · 1667 days ago

Some of you may be wondering where tonight's episode is. It was up briefly but on review the audio quality is completely terrible. Here's an update on the situation. Ok so the deal with tonights episode: honestly we don't know. Facebook has been pulling some kind of bull shit with the audio lately. The version streamed to YouTube was even worse (the sound was virtually non existant). I've spoken with the station managment and there is a better audio quality version that we'll be uploading soon (he just needs to edit it first).

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KevinMPE - 1703 days ago
I believe (my produce is going to double check) I'm finally up to date. From here I'll be uploading at least once a week as new radio show episodes are published.
KevinMPE - 1708 days ago
In the process of uploading all my videos here as well as Youtube. There's over 100 videos so this is a ongoing process.
KevinMPE - 2108 days ago
I'm sticking to youtube as my primary still for now becasue Youtube pays. I love this site but I'm trying to make a career out of this and no money doesn't help that.
TrendingByLola - 2109 days ago
idk how youtubes treatin ya but my stuff got hardly seen cuz I dont got the fancy stuff otha beauty gurlz use to make professional lookin videos even if they be amateurs not professionally trained and give bad advice. This site may not be payin but at least I feel like Im bein seen n heard! The staff is also rly nice n supportive of us! Im also into how international it is cuz some of the stuff from otha countries is ballin'!
KevinMPE - 2109 days ago
Thank you TrendingByLola I do intend to upload more. There's just a lot on my youtube to go through and working on a bunch of projects right now.
TrendingByLola - 2109 days ago
I'm so scared of ghost stories LMAO but your videos are interesting! Please don't stop uploading! You got me curious af yo!
KevinMPE - 2132 days ago
Starting the process of uploading my videos here. I already have over 60 videos on my channel so don't expect it all up at once.