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Greetings wave makers,
We'd like to take a few moments to talk about some initiatives we've been undertaking and where we are with them. As a startup, sometimes we need to step back and take a look at things from a bigger perspective and focus on a few things that need to be fixed for the better of the entire site. We're going to talk about a few of those major things today that will shed some light on our progress.

First and more foremost, we'd like to thank everyone for sticking with us and continuing to upload great content. We understand its difficult, in the face of the lack of ad revenue to get motivated, and we greatly appreciate your efforts. Given that, we do have a small breakthrough on where ad revenue stands, and its thankfully a relatively small thing that we have to do on our side to get things working the way we anticipated.

Back in January, when we did the first major revision to the site, we integrated a newer player that was miles ahead of where the original player was. It offered Ultra HD playing, anamorphic widescreen playback, and the sound quality was very acceptable, even to our most discerning of ears - if you ever want to talk high end audio, BreachRicko will always be glad to engage in a conversation around the latest trends. Unfortunately, while that player is amazing, it has a very fatal flaw for us, in that it does not support the standardized way of delivering video ads in today's technology. This lack of support for VAST ad delivery is a critical flaw that we cannot overlook. Given that, there will be an update to just the player on the website in the next few days that will support VAST ad delivery, which is the final piece of the puzzle for starting ad revenue generation. Once that it is in place, be on the lookout in your email for a revenue sharing agreement link so we can establish the business relationship with you, our creators.

Moving on the .FM project. We have also had some breakthough work this week on that project. One of the things we initially had established for late beta was the single sign on effort with the .TV database. After some review, we decided to move that piece of the project to the beta launch, and it has not gone as easily as we had hoped. However, there's been some significant progress made on that front this week, and we feel that the full .FM beta is not far from going live. There's a few things we have on the development team whiteboard that aren't likely to be ready for the launch, but will be getting added in as we move through beta testing.

Again, from all the staff of Breach, thank you all for your continued support and let's go make some waves!

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Good evening all you wave makers out there. As some of you may have noticed we had a bit of an unexpected downtime not too long ago. While we will strive to inform you all of any foreseeable outages of reasonable duration, sometimes accidents happen. As it turns out that was the case here. The full log of the event will be posted at the end of this blog entry for those of you who are curious as to what happened. The short of it is that something got borked, and it required a reinstallation of the OS to resolve.

As promised, the full dump. To everyone else, have a good night!

Root Cause Analysis for April 17, 2017 outage across Breach Media Products and Services
All events are labeled in Eastern (US) time zone.
20170417@0245 - Breach staff were alerted to a possible issue involving the vSphere operating system that hosts all of the Breach Media services. At that point, a ticket was raised with the hosting provider to investigate.
20170417@1857 - Hosting provider responds that there's an issue with chassis that houses the blade server breach is located in. A reboot of the blade was requested by hosting staff and approved by Breach staff, start of outage confirmed and communicated.
20170417@2215 - Hosting provider advises that Breach blade server has some OS issues and needs a reload - Breach staff approved action and communicated internally.
20170417@2243 - Hosting provider advises that OS reload was successful and no data was lost on any of the Breach Media servers or services. All products are validated and confirmed operation. End of outage confirmed and communicated.
Root Cause: Operating System corruption on the VMWare host operating system caused Breach staff to be unable to monitor usage from the vSphere client. A corrective reboot revealed further issues necessitating a reload of the OS.
Current activites: Determing whether the system issue was related to a hardware deficiency or failure or other corruption issue exists.
Future activites: Adding a mirror of the current Breach Media VMWare server to add system redundacy in the event of system failure. Backups of all VMs exist today, the second VMWare host will give us redundacy to outage situations.
For additional information, please contact

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Greetings to everyone out there! Breach Staff here, just wanting to take the time to say that we're really excited to have come this far, and to acknowledge that we couldn't have even made it halfway to where we are today without each and every one of you. From every viewer to every content creator, from folks with one upload to folks with hundreds, we just want to say thank you.

From here on out, things are only going to get more exciting, so we invite you all to come make some waves with us, and we'll all see what the future holds together!

Welcome to Breach!