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Breach will be deploying our first major update of 2018 this Friday at 10AM Central Time. During this update, the website will be in maintenance mode while we complete the upgrades to both hardware (adding more storage) and software (deploying updated backend and front end software) - it is expected the downtime will last less than one hour. Please feel free to message us directly if you have any questions.

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To Anyone and Everyone Who Enjoys Creating and Consuming Independent Media,

Over the last couple of years we as a world united by a beautiful technological achievement called the internet witnessed the entertainment and greater media industry fluster and flounder to try to catch up and even eclipse what had been on the rise since the mid 2000s – independent media created by regular people with no companies, labels, or powerful authorities backing them. Just average everyday individuals with ideas, opinions, and various creative talents who were able to find a place to showcase and share it to others via the internet becoming more commonplace in people’s homes. No longer did we have to rely on Hollywood films, TV networks, Record labels, and theaters to decide for us who had good ideas, skills, and talents.We could decide for ourselves by following and sharing the content we found created by other people just like us.

In the beginning how these greater powers adapted was by using the internet and our discovery and sharing of these people to discover them for themselves and bring them into the greater spotlight. I’m sure everyone knows the story of Justin Bieber. A kid who just played and sang songs recording videos in his home that he posted to the internet, first got discovered by many regular other people, which then led to his discovery by the greater music industry and the rest is history. Now he’s definitely no longer the kid making music and sharing it just for fun. He’s a pop sensation - a superstar. No different than any other music star that’s brought to the spotlight through record labels’ more traditional means. In contrast, around the same time Bieber was discovered by greater media powers, Bo Burnham was also discovered. He made music too but with more comedic tones and overall his talents were mainly in comedy. Also a kid at the time he was taken and launched into the greater comedy spotlight. Appearances at large comedy clubs, TV specials, the works. But he reacted differently to this greater exposure and fame. In his last two large specials “What” and “Make Happy” he makes it obvious how conflicted he feels about the position he’s in and that despite his found fame and changed life it’s not necessarily made his life better. Two celebrities found through creating and sharing through the internet who got picked up by mass mainstream media producers and distributors who came to vastly different conclusions and lifestyles.

Then as we got into the 2010s things changed again. The online platforms got bigger. They became equivalent to large TV networks in their own rights. And greater media influences wanted in as well as these platforms wanting to become greater media influences themselves.

This led to the creation of agencies, management companies, and networks that solely took care of “internet celebrities”, “online talent”, and “social media influencers”. The rise of the likes of iJustine, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, Michelle Phan, and of course - Pewdiepie. Also this came at a time when the platform that served as a hub for such talent was no longer independently own and run in and of itself, it had been sold and taken over by a large corporation - and had been that way for some time. Now with the power of a major company at the helm, advertisers providing revenue, and other financial incentives and benefits creating and uploading content online on the regular became a viable job in and of itself. Popularity and support on the platform alone, on the internet, was enough to give many people opportunities and changed lives. Instead of before of the one in a million chances someone’s talent and content could be discovered by the right people at the right time in the right place.

When this began to happen of course the regular established media wanted in. They wanted the influence they always had. And found their ways in. Not with contributing to the ad networks that gave the platforms and creators revenue, but by having their talent and media being creators themselves and incentivizing the platform itself to start promoting more and more regular mainstream content you could also already see on TV, hear on the radio, or see advertised in theaters. Around this same time streaming media platforms like Netflix and Hulu who for years had just partnered with these companies streaming their content as part of their paid subscription services - took a look at their profits and decided to create content of their own as well. Content like movies and shows like you would see in theaters or on TV. And met with the same kind of success rates. With some of such content winning awards won by traditional mainstream media. After seeing that, the major platform that was once the home to independent creator content by regular people wanted in too and started building their own such services and content. It started to get more difficult to tell the difference between this platform and the ones who were already established and influenced by the traditional media.

Of course, people learned that creating content and putting it online could be a job and bring in money. More and more people tried through various means. The platform had to start relying much more on developed software, automated systems, and algorithms to try to prevent copyright infringement and being plagued by lawsuits by greater media companies if they allowed people to profit off of uploading easily recognizable traditional media. As well as do its best to filter through content, through numbers and calculations alone, what content would be promoted and what was more likely to fade into the background. It became a gamble but because there was such a reliance on machines and algorithms naturally people learned how to game such a system. And that’s a big part of what’s led to the most recent problems. “Kid Friendly” labels being abused with obviously not actually kid-friendly content easily slipping through to get millions of hits because it used all the right things to trick the algorithms and computer calculations. Creators like Logan and Jake Paul could rise through similar means – the right thumbnails, the right titles that got people to click, the right behaviors on social media to entice growth all in turn tricking the system into promoting such content more and more. To the point where it didn’t pay attention as to whether or not the content even broke the platform’s own terms of services. And that’s not even getting into other major incidences that plagued it the last couple of years that caused rifts between the platforms and its main financial backers - advertisers. And what was the platform’s overall reaction to all this? How did they decide to handle these situations? By building and introducing concepts to further inhibit smaller creators and their content by making the goal posts to get promotion and attention harder to reach, and punishing those who did wrong far too late after the fact. Not actually addressing some of the core issues that led to such things and the first place. One major one being a lack of communication and transparency between the platform itself and its creators and consumers.

Relying way too heavily on algorithms, trends, and other mechanics instead.

This is where we at Breach vow to be different. We’re still small right now but we are tirelessly working to grow. We’re always open to feedback from creators and consumers alike. We have tons of plans in the works. Already we have a system for creators to get revenue in place, with creators getting 65% of such revenue through or ad network. This came into place only a couple months ago despite this platform being worked on for over a year. We don’t believe in instant gratification and style over substance. Our goal is to provide a platform that is creator-driven and where the voices of creators and audiences matter. A redesign to the homepage and video page is already in the works after taking in a ton of your feedback the past couple of months. We are also implementing other ways audiences can connect with creators and support them through the breach platform itself - that has been a work in progress and will be implemented soon as well. Our connected audio hosting platform for audio-based content has been underway, and there will be a mobile app and live streaming services some point in this year. All of this is in development and has come from listening to the needs and desires of creators and audiences alike. Our staff is always open to be reached via email or social media and the replies come from real people not automated systems. We vow to do our best to keep it that way as well. As we believe that is the real way to support independent creators and their needs, the needs of audiences, and even the needs of financial backers and advertisers. Direct, real, human communication.


That is our promise to you and we hope this helps you get a better outlook on the approaches and goals of Breach and how we intend on differing from the rest of the crowd. To get you to consider taking a leap and giving this new growing a platform of chance. It’s what this digital age is all about. Creation, innovation, and taking chances.

Welcome to Breach. Come make some waves with us in a sea of opportunity.

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Greetings fellow Wave Makers,
Today is a great day for us at Breach. We have successfully completed our ad deployment code testing and our ad network is now seeing our requests.

For you, our users, that means that we are now able to monetize all your content on Breach. However, we need a few things from you to get started.

First, there is an updated user agreement with the details around our revenue sharing program. Basically, this is the legal stuff we have to do ensure a proper partnership between Breach and you. This details our revenue share for you, our industry leading 60% revenue share for you. That means, every dollar we get from ads on your videos and music, you'll snag sixty cents! There are a couple exceptions to this rule, though, and those are detailed in the agreement.

We'd also like to formally announce that we have partnered with both the Harry Fox Agency and ASCAP to allow our users to upload videos with copyrighted music in its entirety to the site. However, this is one of those exceptions, as there are licensing costs involved with this. Breach will repay ASCAP/HFA eleven cents per dollar for videos that are flagged with copyrighted musical content. This is again a industry leading feature that no other site offers, and we're proud to offer this to you.

Finally, if haven't been to your user management page to update your information, please do so as soon as possible, as we will not be able to make any payouts to you until that information is filled out. We currently are utilizing Paypal for payouts, but look to add direct ACH and check mailings in the very near future. You can access your account management pages by going to

Look forward to seeing all the great new content coming from you all soon!

Let's make some waves!

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Greetings wave makers! Breach Staff here with a quick update on the things to come for Breach.TV and a glimpse into the future as to our to-do list to continue to deliver excellence in entertainment and content to you, our viewers and creators.

Overall site updates
Change page width - based on users screen resolution instead of fixed width screen - no white space on the borders
Fix the play count bug on any page that has views (currently, this is grossly misreporting)
Fix the logout issue when user's uploads take more than fifteen minutes (this may take programming and server set up work)
Homepage updates
Under Recent uploads, make it the top 5(or ten) of the top five most active categories (for users not logged in - for users logged in, use the top five categories of content being viewed by the user)
To the right of recent uploads, add Twitter and Facebook feeds
Video Player Page
Move the related videos to the right of the player, make the comments much more domiant (this remains in the air - there's a larger trend towards disabling comments on user content)
Upgrade to VideoJS5 and move the CSS to a local copy (Ricko and Ashu)
Extend the cachebreaker on the video page to a larger random number generator
Adjust video player width dynamically based on user's resolution - make it at least 75% of the users available real estate
Splash Integration
(ricko - in progress) Add table to filter splash only content
(ashu) - enable UI settings to show splash content to subs
Rendering update
(ricko) - Install and compile FFMPEG 3.3
(ashu) - update the rendering scripts to set SD/HD(1080p)/2k(1440p)/4k renders as import file dicates

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Breach Platforms are by fellow creatives with the best user experience in mind. Because of this, very little is automated. If you see any content uploaded that you think is a breach of the TOC and/or User Agreements feel free to report it to Support@Breach.TV and we will take a second look at it! We want to keep our platforms open and engaging for all users and creators as well as a place advertisers continue to feel comfortable working with us. Thank you for checking out Breach!