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  15025 views · 476 days ago

Greetings, fellow WaveMakers,

Today, work was completed on our latest feature to help you further automate distribution of you Breach content to your own websites, WordPress pages, and any other platform that can ingest rss feeds.

You'll find your personalized RSS feed of your content in your payment account management portal as well as in the user drop down list when you're logged in.

We've validated the RSS feed against W3C standards, so all readers should accept the feed, but if there is one that's not reading it correctly, please email the support team with the name of the reader and what error message(s) you are receiving from it.

Keep making waves, we're working hard behind the scenes to bring you even more new features every day!


  23094 views · 803 days ago

Some minor, but big changes coming to the video upload page very soon.

Adding a thumbnail selector option - in case you want to have your own thumbnail show for the video instead of the Breach generated thumbnails, this will allow you pick a image.

Scheduled Release - This 1.2 concept is becoming a reality. A simple picker to select the date AND time you want your video to release - videos that have scheduled releases will not be viewable or show in results prior to its release.

Unlisted Privacy - For those of you who want to make a video exclusive, but not to the point of requiring a viewer be a subscriber to your Breach channel, we've added this option that will post the video publicly, but does not list it in any breach search, list or home pages. Perfect for Patreon exclusive content!

We'd like to thank the people who've contributed ideas and requests for improvements. We're happy to take on the challenges of making Breach YOUR platform.

  22577 views · 873 days ago

We have completed our testing with the stats update and have implemented the code update to our administrative tools. Unfortunately, with the current log and outside validation, it has been determined that this process will not be able to be run more than once daily. We have, however, scheduled automated tasks to run this every night, just after midnight Central time (US). Your current stats are now up to date as of midnight July 10, 2018.

We've implemented a workaround to the bug we discovered in the automatic play updates on your video pages, which is also included in the daily update.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for holding up stats for a few days while we worked through getting our processes and post-process auditing closer in line with our actual stats representation

  24446 views · 874 days ago

We're busy working on getting your stats updates turned back on. We've identified a few things that will be implemented in this stats update to better reflect accurate play counts based on our logging and external site monitoring tools.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the lack of reporting has caused. We anticipate having the stats update pushed out later today. For now, it will run once daily as we will need to gauge performance of the new log reader and imports. As performance dictates, we'll increase the frequency of how often these run. Please note, there is an additional bug that can cause a minor discrepancy between the play counts you see on your video's page and the actual, registered play counts. We've seen this to be no more than a 5% discrepancy and have set an alert to monitor any account that goes over this discrepancy, however, we are not anticipating that any accounts are going to be in this alert threshold. We have contacted our back-end software developer for some research into this issue.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Breach Ricko.

  24711 views · 881 days ago


Given the results of a site audit performed last week, we have suspended the current play count/revenue automation for the time being. Rest assured, the bulk of the play counts from last month were indeed accurate, but there was one account in particular, which has since been banned and their content deleted from the site, that had a nearly 90% difference in their registered play count in the revenue tables and their actual, audited play counts.

Rest assured, we take fraud seriously, and this user has had their income privileges revoked and will not receive payment for the previous month's revenue because of their actions. We have some remediation efforts under way to help prevent this type of fraud from occurring in the future, and are working diligently to rectify this issue so that our users can have near-time or close to real-time data reporting.

Thanks again wave makers, for your continued support.

Richard Adams
Breach Media Services