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Greetings, fellow WaveMakers,

Today, work was completed on our latest feature to help you further automate distribution of you Breach content to your own websites, WordPress pages, and any other platform that can ingest rss feeds.

You'll find your personalized RSS feed of your content in your payment account management portal as well as in the user drop down list when you're logged in.

We've validated the RSS feed against W3C standards, so all readers should accept the feed, but if there is one that's not reading it correctly, please email the support team with the name of the reader and what error message(s) you are receiving from it.

Keep making waves, we're working hard behind the scenes to bring you even more new features every day!


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Pancake - 14 days ago
are ya alive?
TrendingByLola - 1335 days ago
This website is awesome and even tho there's no ad revenue yet I'm happy that my stuff is getting seen and the community on here is wonderful! Plus yall get back to my emails super fast while other companies ignore forever you all care! I can't wait to see this place grow!