Breach TV Frequently Asked Questions
What is Breach TV (Breach.TV)?

Breach TV is a multimedia platform focused on providing the next level in connecting content creators with their audiences through live streaming, video uploads, podcasts, music, and other endeavors in an easy to use streamlined format. For content creators we strive to help them build and connect with their audiences and provide their creative works and make money through ad revenue fairly; while for audiences we are focused on building a network where they can access content quickly and easily with little lag in ways they prefer in as convenient a manner as possible. Here we want to “breach” the gaps currently in independent content creation and connection, and help creators and audiences make waves with their content!

How do I become a Content Creator?
Easy! Just set up an account and start uploading and streaming! If you wish to receive ad revenue make sure in your account settings you select to opt in. Ad revenue earnings will vary by how much an independent creator’s content is viewed and how many followers they have regularly accessing the content they provide. So long as your account and content adheres to our Terms of Service - you can be a Breach TV Content Creator! Breach TV is not responsible for deals and revenue made through third parties and direct outreach to creators from companies and brands who may seek promotion through certain content on the website and will not intervene with such dealings. Currently the split in ad revenue is 70% to Content Creators and 30% to Breach TV.

Do I have to make content to have an account?
Nope! You can just sign up and have an account to keep track of your favorite creators as well as streams, videos, and other works hosted on the site. Affordable paid services may be offered for an even more personalized, speedy, ad-free, and streamlined audience experience. How old do I have to be to have an account? You must be at least 13 years old to have an account on Breach TV. Some content may be age restricted to 18+. We encourage parents to monitor what their children do online and account creation and respect the disclaimers of age restricted content. Breach TV is not responsible for underage users lying about their age to view restricted content as when an account is created the user must confirm the information provided is accurate. Concerned parents can request account deletions in the event of problematic behaviors exhibited by users too young for age restricted content trying to gain access , making offensive or unsafe content, or creating accounts to be abusive towards other users. We take all matters seriously and do not endorse or condone exploitation or abuse of minors in any way.

Ew ads! Are you going to block ad blockers?
We won’t have much in the place to block ad blockers but we do encourage audiences to disable them while using Breach TV to support content creators they are subscribed to so they can make money through ad revenue. Our technical team will do their best to make ads as unobtrusive to the experience for audiences as possible while still meeting the desires of advertisers. As well as make sure none contain any viruses or malware. We are always accepting feedback from audiences, creators, and advertisers for how to best reach a happy medium with advertising on this service.

I make content that has had (usually falsely claimed) DMCA issues on other platforms, will that be a problem here too?
So long as your content rightfully falls under Fair Use, such as critical and transformative works, or the content used is actually in the Public Domain, we will do our best to protect your rights to free speech and content creation. Breach TV is hosted and founded in the United States of America and adheres to the laws and Constitution of the country. This site and its founders also hold no affiliation to any political party or platform in this country and maintain a status of neutrality. We promise to use the best judgment when looking into claims and flags and making the calls when it comes to content and try not to rely too much on automated systems that may be prone to false flags and error or abuse.

What is some content not allowed on this site?
We absolutely will not allow pornography of any kind with very few exceptions for educational purposes, any content that promotes activities and products that are outright illegal in the United States (such as advertising businesses related to illegal illicit substances, “snuff” films, and other lewd acts), content made for the sole purpose of harassing another user or person, and direct uploads of copyrighted content such as feature films, television shows, and music that clearly does not fall under the protections of Fair Use. Accounts caught uploading or streaming this type of content are at risk for suspension after issued warnings and the offending content deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned from using this service. Most claims will have the content in question viewed by human eyes and heard with human ears to determine if it rightfully flagged or not as opposed to reliance on automated systems but this also means it is subject to the discretion of the staff members.

Can I file an appeal if I feel my content was falsely flagged or my account issued an unfair warning?
Absolutely! We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your issue and hopefully reach a resolution. However, if the content and account in question was rightfully flagged the warnings and potential suspensions will stand. How do I best make sure my content is protected? Make sure you use disclaimers for Fair Use or if your content is to educate - then a disclaimer that it’s for educational purposes. For content that handles mature topics, be sure to put up a “viewer discretion is advised” disclaimer and age restrict the content. Also make sure when uploaded or streamed it is listed under the correct categories with proper tags.

Can people steal easily my content?
We have security measures being implemented to make sure content streamed and uploaded to Breach TV is difficult to be ripped and uploaded under another account or on another platform. Including tools that will outright discourage those who do so from doing such things on this platform in the first place. We encourage Content Creators to take on some of their own protective measures including putting watermarks on their content with dates or another identifiable mark to signify ownership of the original piece of work.

Can I report user harassment?
Yes. We take all reports seriously and look into them whether you are a content creator or audience user. Disciplinary actions will be taken against spam accounts and any cases of actual harassment of other users.

I’m having a problem! How soon will I hear back, regardless of the issue?
Questions and reports are answered on a first come first serve basis. Expect replies in 24 hours to a week depending on how heavy the workload on staff is. We will try to have all issues resolved as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Why is there a whale in the logo?
Because they breach. Duh.

Frequently Asked Questions