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We're busy working on getting your stats updates turned back on. We've identified a few things that will be implemented in this stats update to better reflect accurate play counts based on our logging and external site monitoring tools.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience the lack of reporting has caused. We anticipate having the stats update pushed out later today. For now, it will run once daily as we will need to gauge performance of the new log reader and imports. As performance dictates, we'll increase the frequency of how often these run. Please note, there is an additional bug that can cause a minor discrepancy between the play counts you see on your video's page and the actual, registered play counts. We've seen this to be no more than a 5% discrepancy and have set an alert to monitor any account that goes over this discrepancy, however, we are not anticipating that any accounts are going to be in this alert threshold. We have contacted our back-end software developer for some research into this issue.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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