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Here’s the highlights of the upcoming 1.2 deployment of Breach TV
Bug Fixes:
• Fix the ad overlay when ad is not presented to allow interaction with the player during video playback
• Fix the homepage player sizing issue to static size so additional content can be played

Breach Pro (Networks)
• Users will be able to apply to networks directly from their account management portal pages
• Networks will be able to recruit channels from their network management pages
• Networks will have a marketplace approach where their general attributes, ranking and reviews will be available to the entirety of the Breach platform
• Networks will gain a new adtag specific to their network which will allow them to sell advertisement inventory directly with the Breach ad marketplace as a reserve inventory fulfillment center.
• Networks will have access to the Breach Slack Team with their own dedicated channel.

Breach Splash Integration
• Users will be able to specify which videos they want to be made splash-only. Splash will be Breach’s crowdsourcing product and will allow Breach Creators the ability to earn additional donation income from their fans directly without the need of a third-party website.
• Breach will handle all the subscription details – renewals, credit card processing, etc. will all be handled via Breach and shown via the user’s account management panel.
• Video thumbnails for splash-only content will get an additional watermark indicating they are user-donation supported and will not have any advertisements pre-or post-roll.

Breach Live integration
• Users will now be able to stream live from their Breach account. Live streaming videos will start out being streams only, without any ad placement. An integrated chat window will come with this release. Video on Demand viewing and ad placement are expected in the 1.3 release.
• Live streams can also be set to Splash user integration only for a truly unique experience with a creator and their fans.

Breach Merch integration
• Breach has partnered with Merchcast, to give all our creators an integrated studio to sell branded merch through the Breach platform.
• Merch sales totals will be viewable as a separate payline in the user’s account management portal.

Enabled https for all environments
• Security and namely, account security is always a priority with us. As we’ve started to grow, we’ve start integrating secure browsing for all Breach Media Sites. With this update, both breach.tv and breach.live will be https enabled and enforced.
• There will be an update prior to May 25, 2018 around our privacy policy for the new GDPR regulations. It will be very simple, as Breach is the only owner and user of your personal data and do not have any plans to change this. An update from our ad network will also be included in our privacy notice with this update.
• We’ve heard your request to fix the coloration of the “My Quick Jumps” menu on your profile page, and that will get corrected to match the user drop down list in this update.
• We’re enhancing the video upload page with an additional feature outside of the splash integration. With the 1.2 update, users will now be able to schedule a video release (for both splash and non-splash enabled content) in the future. If you’re going away for a time, this new feature will allow to keep your content fresh while you are away.

As always, all the non-network features will be available to all creators from day one, play one. Networks must register their network with Breach and accept the network agreement prior to being live in the marketplace. Breach Pro will not be a free service, and is not recommended for any user that is not prepared to manage selling their own inventory and perhaps another user’s inventory. It is a minimum recommendation that a network has the capacity to sell and display no less than 50,000 preroll ads per month to have a successful campaign. There will be more details in this in the release discussion in June.

Thanks to all of those who have been early adopters to Breach, and let’s go make some new waves!

Richard Adams
CEO & Technical Director of Breach Media Services