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I know I mostly just upload fandom video edits/AMVs on here but I decided to add to it and mix it up by also uploading old videos of cosplay. When I was actively cosplaying and going to cons with friends I'd record our skits or just general goofing off. I have video recorded as far back as 2006/2007 on an HD camcorder I used to lug around to cons all the way to stuff in 2010. (After 2010 I had to stop doing video at conventions for various reasons.) From 2006 - 2010 I used a camcorder, a Flip (remember that?), an HTC Evo Smartphone - just goes to show how fast video recording technology evolved over the years! From some heavy thing I had to lug around to something that fits in a pocket!

I hope you like it and I hope it inspires other cosplayers to join Breach and share their stuff on here!