Ep 106: Music Therapy, Biofeedback and the Subliminal World with Rusty Lozano, LPC, Bcb.

DudesnBeer 65 days ago
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Category: Podcast
In this episode of the Dudes and Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by Steven Bishop and special guest Rusty Lozano, LPC, Bcb. Rusty is host of The Therapy Hour on iHeart Radio as well as one of the leading pediatric biofeedback therapists in North Dallas. His treatment approach in the areas of headache pain, neuropathy pain, sleep issues, anxiety/phobia, and ADD/ADHD issues has earned him recognition in the community as an innovator in his field. He trained, interned and administered biofeedback evaluations with the Peavy-Lawlis PNP (psycho-neuroplasticity) Center, a Dr. Phil Show-associated clinic in Lewisville, TX and apprenticed in neurofeedback under Dr. Joel Lubar, who is known for his historic contributions to the field of neurofeedback therapy. What is Biofeedback and Biofeedback Therapy? How does our brain control the rest of our body? Can we actually train our brains to help us in ways we never thought possible? Is there a hidden world happening subliminally around us that our brain is aware of but our waking mind is not? How much are we truly influenced by unseen factors around us? These questions and more as we decode and demystify the brain and how it works with Rusty Lozano, LPC Bcb of the Center For Biofeedback And Behavior Therapy in this episode of the Dudes and Beer Podcast!