Ep 105: Building a Life from Your Passions with Billy Stuart of ScaryDad.com

DudesnBeer 65 days ago
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Category: Podcast
In this special on the road episode of the Dudes and Beer Podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined in Houston, TX by his wife and host of the Yes But Why podcast Amy Jordan, Best friend and host of the Scary Dad podcast Billy Stuart as well as wife of Scary Dad Meg Stuart and older brother Randy Jordan to discuss what it is to actually build a life from you passions. In the beginning of our episode we begin a conversation about a custom rocking bassinet that Chris commissioned Scary Dad to make for his unborn son Dalbus and why the request for the custom piece was made. Are we as a society making decisions that help us carry on traditions? Are we encouraging the next generation to live life in a way that builds them up when they are discovering their talents and gifts? When do we come to realize that a passion or hobby we have is something we truly want to focus our life on? How do we take the steps to put the pieces in place to make our dream a reality? These questions and more pondered in this introspective episode of the Dudes and Beer podcast.