Thinking Deeply w DnB Vol 15: Oh My God I Just had a Baby What Now?!

DudesnBeer 65 days ago
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Category: Podcast
In this episode of Thinking Deeply with Dudes and Beer host Christopher Jordan is joined by wife and host of the Yes But Why podcast Amy Jordan to discuss the birth of their first child Dalbus James Jordan and what is not only racing through your mind, but the challenges and pitfalls facing new and upcoming parents. What is it that makes someone decide to have a child? Why decide to “complicate” your life as so many put it in this modern day and age? Should we lord over and coddle our children or is it more important to let them find their way? How do you broach the topics of discipline and health care? When do you start believing the hype put forth by other parents if ever at all? How do we intend to rear our child in this modern society of negativity and sarcasm? These questions and more answered by two expecting parents in this generational and introspective edition of Thinking Deeply with Dudes and Beer.