Ep 104: Live Streaming the World with LensFeeder Founder Brian Pietravalle

DudesnBeer 65 days ago
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Category: Podcast
In this episode of the Dudes and Beer Podcast host Christopher Jordan and Julie Connally sit down with LensFeeder founder Brian Pietravalle to discuss the official launch of this visionary new app allowing live streaming of video over mobile devices via request. Ever wanted to go to the beach, but actually want to know beyond local weather and surf reports? Simply log on to LensFeeder and request a person within GPS range to give you a live feed! What does this concept mean for the future of live video streaming? How will this technology help interconnect us within our local communities? Could schools and non-profits begin using live video streaming as a means of fundraising for their programs and organizations? Will it actually be possible for the average person to make money on the simply by live streaming from the mobile device? These questions and more in Tuesday's exciting episode of the Dudes and Beer Podcast featuring founder of LensFeeder Brian Pietravlle.