The Truth About Aquariums : Don't Lie To Our Children

MamaBeluga 283 days ago, 2049 views
Millions of Chinese have been shocked by this short film revealing the truth behind an industry dying in the west but expanding massively in Asia. For many in China, performing dolphins and orcas are still considered family entertainment. In 2015 alone 491 cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – are believed to have been poached from the wild for China’s ocean parks. Many of these freshly captured cetaceans will supply the 44 ocean parks which are now operational or the 19 under construction and due to open in the next two years. The China Cetacean Alliance (CCA), a coalition of international animal protection and conservation organisations, is working on a movie which they hope will have the same effect in China that Blackfish had in the west.
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