Dark History of Killer Whale ( Orca ) Captures - Scuba Film Factory Documentary

MamaBeluga 289 days ago, 1765 views
A chronological documentary ranging from the 60s to present briefly describes kidnapping of orcas from their natural habitat. A more detailed is the information about capturing of orcas in Russia, the only country where it’s currently practiced. You will find the names of 60 orcas being in slavery in 14 marine parks in 8 countries and learn about the dynamic community movements against the captivity. Film brings to light the names of people who are responsible for this inhumane and dirty business of exploitation and slave trade of the most intelligent creatures in the world. "Shamu show" doesn’t have any educational value; it features animals in an artificially created environment with unnatural behavior; with the only purpose to display the dominance of a human that could enforce a killer whale to perform tricks. Captivity can be ended only when more people are informed and educated about the truth of the imprisoned marine mammals and refuse to visit Marine parks and Dolphinaria. Only together we can make a difference and build life on Earth without the violence and dominance of the mankind over other Earthlings. Credits Corrections: "OrcaStories" from "Baby Wild Films Presents: The Killer Whale People" by Baby Wild Films instead 'Rounding up Shamu with Don Goldsberry' by Jeffrey Ventre 'Orca Rescue' by Orca Research Trust, Dr. Ingrid N. Visser instead 'Orca Rescue' by Ingrid Visser http://www.scubaff.com/
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