Re-Imagining The Magic: #7 Net Neutrality , Pixar's Coco, & Are the Lasseter Allegations True?

ReImagineTM 377 days ago, 2508 views
Welcome to Re-Imagining the Magic podcast episode 7, where we take Disney concepts to other levels! In this episode, we talk news! We go into detail about the importance of Net Neutrality and why ever American should fight to protect it. We give our first impressions of Disney's and Pixar's Coco. Also we delve into the allegations made against Disney and Pixar leader John Lasseter with some exclusive insider information! You don't want to miss it! Join the conversation! To help protect Net Neutrality go to Re-Imagining the Magic is a podcast sponsored by Breach! Your new home for entertainment, music, movies, and more! Check it out at http://www.Breach.TV Follow Us Facebook: Twitter: Stitcher Radio: RSS Audio:
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