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Rae_O - 67 days ago
Hey BreachRicko!
LAWBORN - 221 days ago
Hello. Thank you for your invite. Real happy to be here.
DorysStories - 241 days ago
Thank you so much for your kind welcome! I am really excited about this site!!
TrendingByLola - 604 days ago
I had no idea you're an owner of this site! Thank you so much for creating this platform I love it a lot! Everyone is so nice and I can feel a real community building with the people on here. I want this site to do well so bad cuz it deserves it! You deserve it yo! Keep slaying!
TrendingByLola - 610 days ago
tyvm for adding me! figuring out what to find to add!

your videos are so cool. where did you get them?
BreachRicko - 617 days ago
Just testing out the wall Feature