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  26 views · 70 days ago

Greetings wave makers! Breach Staff here with a quick update on the things to come for Breach.TV and a glimpse into the future as to our to-do list to continue to deliver excellence in entertainment and content to you, our viewers and creators.

Overall site updates
Change page width - based on users screen resolution instead of fixed width screen - no white space on the borders
Fix the play count bug on any page that has views (currently, this is grossly misreporting)
Fix the logout issue when user's uploads take more than fifteen minutes (this may take programming and server set up work)
Homepage updates
Under Recent uploads, make it the top 5(or ten) of the top five most active categories (for users not logged in - for users logged in, use the top five categories of content being viewed by the user)
To the right of recent uploads, add Twitter and Facebook feeds
Video Player Page
Move the related videos to the right of the player, make the comments much more domiant (this remains in the air - there's a larger trend towards disabling comments on user content)
Upgrade to VideoJS5 and move the CSS to a local copy (Ricko and Ashu)
Extend the cachebreaker on the video page to a larger random number generator
Adjust video player width dynamically based on user's resolution - make it at least 75% of the users available real estate
Splash Integration
(ricko - in progress) Add table to filter splash only content
(ashu) - enable UI settings to show splash content to subs
Rendering update
(ricko) - Install and compile FFMPEG 3.3
(ashu) - update the rendering scripts to set SD/HD(1080p)/2k(1440p)/4k renders as import file dicates

  24 views · 93 days ago

Breach Platforms are by fellow creatives with the best user experience in mind. Because of this, very little is automated. If you see any content uploaded that you think is a breach of the TOC and/or User Agreements feel free to report it to Support@Breach.TV and we will take a second look at it! We want to keep our platforms open and engaging for all users and creators as well as a place advertisers continue to feel comfortable working with us. Thank you for checking out Breach!

  23 views · 98 days ago

Hello all wave makers out there! Just a quick update from all of us at BreachMedia, we've put a form out there for User Feedback that's quick and easy to use. You can find that form here:

Let us know how we can make your Breach experience better, or just keep in touch with us here!

Keep making waves!

  30 views · 106 days ago

Hello WaveMakers,

BreachRicko here, with an update. As our incredible user base has grown, we also have the need to grow with you. As this is our first major hardware upgrade, there are some things we need to do on the back end that will require some down time to complete.

Starting this morning, our video portal will be unavailable for some time as we migrate all the user data from our current host to a larger, more secure and robust hosting solution. We hope to make this transition as smooth and quick as possible, but moving 300gb of data will take some time to complete. There will be a default homepage up while we make the transition with updates as make our progress.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We look forward to you making more waves as soon as return!

  29 views · 111 days ago

Amidst all the political uncertainty and turmoil Breachmedia's commitment has been, and always will be, people before politics.

We are proud to store the vast quantity of Breach data in datacenters that are powered be renewable energy. All of your videos, songs, thoughts, and blogs reside in locations that care about the future of this planet as much as we do.